Ritchie Valens Display at Grammy Museum

–  Fun and fabuloso reception at the Grammy Museum this week to kick off the new exhibit, “Trouble in Paradise: Music and Los Angeles, 1945-1975.”  Guest curator and USC professor Josh Kun has put together a dazzling show with music memorabilia through those post WWII years and buenas noticias. The contribution of Latino musicians is very well documented from Ritchie Valens to Li’l Willie G, El Chicano and my Dad, Lalo Guerrero, among many. (And, no, I will not write about Dad every week. Pure coincidence he was in last week’s blog, tambien.) The timeline that guides the exhibit is beautifully put together and clearly illustrates how political events of the day – from the Watts Riots to the Chicano Moratorium – exploded into music. The talk by the talented Kun after the reception and strolling the exhibit filled out the evening.  The show is there through the rest of the year. So, if you ain’t been to the Grammy Museum at LA Live, this is the best excuse ever. Kudos Kun!

Lalo Guerrero Display at Grammy Museum


Y ESTO – And Kudos to Comcast TV for closing a deal to create four new “networks” including two Latino themed and headed by – Wow, Latinos.  Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (“El Mariachi,” “Spy Kids”) is honcho for the English language El Rey Network aimed at Latino and general audiences with a mix of high quality music, comedy, sports, reality and animated programming.  And Rodriguez is taking his time to get it right. The launch is not expected until January, 2014. The other Latino themed network is “BabyFirst Americas” aimed at, yep, Latino baby boomers and their niños y niñas.  Spanish language TV vet Constantino Swarz heads this one set to preem this April. Mighty pronto. There were over 100 proposals submitted for the open slots with these two among the four new indies. The other two are targeting African American and general audiences and headed by Sean “Diddy “ Combs and “Magic” Johnson. All will be distributed on Comcast Cable systems nationwide. Hope they have smoother sailing than Oprah’s OWN. ¡Ay, Chihuahua!