Repatriation Ceremony

¡HOLA TODOS! –  Was an historic gathering of Chicano heroes on hand at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in our querido pueblo de Los Angeles last weekend. Was for the unveiling of a monument commemorating the recent “official apology” by the California State Legislature for the Repatriation of the 1930s.  LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina, Sect. of Labor Hilda Solis, actress/activist Eva Longoria, MALDEF President & General Counsel Tom Saenz and the iconic Dolores Huerta (all pictured here) were joined by former Congressman Esteban Torres, Senator Gil Cedillo and other dignitaries to honor the hundreds of thousands of American citizens and legal residents of Mexican heritage that were forcibly “relocated” to Mexico from our Golden sate during the depression. An additional estimated 2 million across the country with approximately one million of them U.S. citizens got the same treatment. Perhaps not surprising that most of America knows nothing of this ugly piece of U.S. history.  Funny what gets left out of history books in our beautiful country. And we do love our country warts and all.


Dan Guerrero with Roselyn Sanchez

¡LATINO HOLLYWOOD! –  Fans of TV’s “Desperate Housewives” have been wearing black to mourn the passing of the American novela during its “adios’ season. But the sabor Latina will not only linger on ABC thanks to the trail blazed by fan favorite Eva Longoria, it will quadruple.  Take off the widow’s weeds, viewers. ABC is filming the pilot, “Devious Maids” starring Judy Reyes (“Scrubs,”) Dania Ramirez (“Heroes,”) Ana Oritz (“Ugly Betty,”) and Roselyn Sanchez (pictured here) from TV’s “Without a Trace” and on the big screen in “Rush Hour 2” and “Chasing Papi.”  Always good to see our gente working, but some are cautious because all four ladies play – hello? – maids.

Si. Criadas. But, let’s not jump to conclusions. “Desperate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry is behind the pilot that is based on the novela, “Ellas Son La Alegia del Hogar” and although these maids work in Beverly Hills for the rich and famous, insiders insist the characters won’t be stereotypes. OK. Vamos a ver.”