George Rodríguez is a renowned commercial photographer and photo journalist who has photographed such American legends as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, The Doors, Dr. Dre as well as documenting key moments in the Chicano Civil Rights Movement. He has photographed, extensively,  César Chávez and the United Farm Workers Union.  Latinopia visited George’s exhibit of César Chávez photographs at the Farm Workers Center in Keene, California.


  1. John Rieth says

    I am proud of George! We took Mr. Bach's vocational photo class together and you could tell he had talent
    way back then!

  2. John Rieth says

    I studied photography with George at Fremont. It was obvious back then that he was a talented artist.
    And a good guy to boot!

  3. Robert Mepham says

    Loved seeing the clip of my old friend and
    workmate from NBC in the 70’s
    Such a talented photographer !

  4. Sylvia Garcia says

    George is nothing short of a genius. I've known him for years and have yet to witness him losing his temper.

  5. milinda lozano says

    Hi george :) its me from casita :) hope your doing well …im gonna try and go see the show :) love your pics. Hope all is well :) do you have a fb or site with your stuff ???

    Milinda :)

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