Dennis Leoni is the creator and Executive Producer of the ground breaking drama series Resurrection  Blvd. Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona where his early experiences working in motion picture was as a stunt actor at the Old Tucson Studios.  Prior to Resurrectiom Blvd Leoni worked as a writer on such television series as The Commish and McKenna.  Latinopia asked Dennis how the Resurrection Blvd drama series came about.


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    A true creative maverick, gentle person (debunking the Hollywood mogul stereotype) and I'm lucky to say, among my mentors… Cheers to you, Mr. Leoni!

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    I am truly happy to know the story behind the Resurrection Blvd. I am a huge fan and have all of it and that too many times over. It was really refreshing to know more about Mr. Leoni as well. I do hope that he can make the series continue throughout. The fans are going to love it.

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