When Professor Emeritus John Crawford of the University of New Mexico heard that the Arizona state legislature had passed a law banning the teaching of ethnic studies in public schools, he was shocked. When he heard that to comply the Tucson Unified School District had removed book written by Latinos from the school libraries, he was even more outraged.  Then he heard about a  Texas caravan bringing the banned books to the children of Tucson and decided that he had to act. On March 4, 2012 he and others organized a benefiit poetry reading for the Caravan which involved leading Albuquerque poets. Filmmaker Daniel Sonis filmed the event and shares the reading here with Latinopia. The poets are, in order of appearance,  Richard Vargas, Andrea Serrano, Jessica Helen López and Levi Romero, Centennial Poet of New Mexico.


  1. sesshu says

    Thanks to John Crawford and Albuquerque for supporting intellectual freedom and the right to education for all!

  2. Henry says

    It's my sincere hope, other courageous professors like Professor Crawford, will stand up and make their voices heard. Obviously, he immediately recognized, these acts as a blatant assault on our freedom. I hope we've learned from history. When governments, whether local, state or federal, begin to suppress peoples freedom to voice and express their views, we could find ourselves in somekind hellish "time warp" repeating history. We only have to go back to the early thirties in Germany, to see the beginnings of "fascisim" and the horrific consequences of a "people" buying into the deceit and lies of a "megleomaniac" who plunged the world in war! One of the actions taken by these "thugs", which sought to mold peoples thoughts and attitudes toward a "defenseless group" of people,were the banning and the eventual burning of books! Do we think this can't happen again? They do say, history tends to repeat itself. I sincerely hope not but if we standby and do nothing,

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

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