Diane Velarde Hernández returns with another great Lenten recipe: chiles rellenos. Stuffed chile peppers is a favorite staple of Mexican cuisine. Diane walks us through the basic recipe for stuffing made of shredded Jack Cheese and onions. But this recipe can also be used for chiles stuffed with beef, chicken or other foods. Enjoy!


  1. Karole Puga says

    Fantastico! I love your rendition of the Chiles Rellenos, Diane! I'm going to have to get my relleno groove back on for lent. Thanks for the reminder!
    Kris and Karole P.

  2. deditat says

    Thank you Diane, It has been a while since I made this dish. One time I forgot to toast the skins of the chile. What a mess that was everything went in the trash. This was a favorite of mine as a child.

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