In 1932, the Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros was invited to Los Angeles by the Chouinard Art Institute.  During his six month stay, he painted three murals, the most controversial of which was painted on a building in Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles.  “América Tropical,” was so controversial that it was whitewashed shortly after it’s completion. Jesús Treviño told the story of the whitewashing in his classic documentary (1971) also titled “América Tropical.”


  1. thomas hartman says

    Seeing the full length documentary last night revealed a truth. Great storytelling is essential to capture the imagination. The 1971 film you wrote and directed is a gem. Current history is beautifully blended with the dynamic of an era in 1932. First person narrative by the maestro, artists and the vision of Dr. Shifra Goldman, place this documentary in historic perpective. Chicano studies departments, art history programs and public policy courses all should present this in their coursework.

    • latinopia says

      Tom, Thanks for the kind words. And kudos to you for the incredible interpretive center for the Siquieros Mural. TT

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