The term Aztlán is used throughout the barrios of the Southwest to refer to the ancient homeland of the Mexica people–the ancestors of today’s Mexicans and Mexican Americans. But what exactly is Aztlán? Here Prof. Fermín
Herrera, a professor of nahuatl, the ancient language of the Aztecs, explains the origins of the name “Aztlán” and how Aztlán was the home from which the Mexicas came when they finally settled in the Valley of Mexico, sometime around the year 1325 A.D.


  1. […] Hay mis queridos, your Tia is working overtime! We finally got our computer problems solved. We got a cool art video this week, The Aztlán Art Show. Now this is an art show that has been running every year for the past ten years. The brainchild of arts activist Frank García, it brings together Chicano and Chicana artists from all generations to showcase their work. This year the tenth anniversary was dedicated to Con Safos magazoine, but we’ll let Frank explain all of that. Check it out! Oh, and for those of you who are wondering what Aztlán is, check out the Latinopia videos on Aztlan: […]

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