The Becas de Aztlan (Aztlan Scholarships) program was initiated during the administration of Mexico’s President, Luis Echeverría Alvarez (1970-1976). José Angel Gutíerrez and other Chicano educators were instrumental in getting the program launched. Chicano/a recipients were chosen nationwide to receive these scholarships allowing them to study in Mexico. Administered through the University of Houston, the support ranged in its coverage from summer studies to doctoral degrees. The program was ended in 1982 because of Mexico’s economic crisis. This photo was taken at the Colegio de Mexico in the summer of 1982 by Jesús Cantú Medel who has identified some but not all of the persons in the photograph. Pictured here, standing from left to right, are: Jesús Cantú Medel, Benny Gutierrez, Andres Medel, Feliciano Medel, unidentified, unidentified (person with hat), unidentified, Dr. Tatcho Mendiiola (Director, Center for Mexican American Studies, University of Houston), unidentified, unidentified. Bottom Row, sitting, from left to right: Dr. Emma Pérez, JoAnn Zuñiga, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Domingo García, unidentified, Dr. Armando Gutíerrez, unidentified. If you know who any of the unidentified person are please leave a comment below.