ARTE PÚBLICO PRESS. The leading publisher of North American Latino writers in English and in Spanish. Visit:

AZTLAN READS. This is an excellent website that features articles and comments on Chicano/a literature in both fiction and non-fiction fields.  Created by scholars David Cid and Annemarie Pérez with many contributors the site contains a great list of scholarly books on Chicano/a studies,  a list of films pertaining to the Chicano/a experience and great blog articles. Highly recommended:

BILINGUAL REVIEW PRESS. Another major publisher of bilingual books by Chicano and Latino authors. Visit: htpp://

EDITORIAL CAMPANA. A New York based publisher of Latino authors and children’s books in English and Spanish. Visit:

LA BLOGA. This is an excellent website featuring Chicano and Latino literature, writers, children’s literature and reviews. Visit:

LATINOTECA. This is a superb cultural and literary arts website operated by Arte Público Press.

PALABRA. This is a ground-breaking “magazine of Chicano and Latino Literary Art.” edited by elena minor. Visit:


  1. Felipe Ortego says

    Liked the Con Safos piece. In 1967 El Grito also surfaced. These two magazines were the cornerstones of Chicano literature. Both played pivotal roles in the development and dissemination of Chicano literature.

    Applause for Latinopia's role in the efforts to chronicle the activities of Latinos.

    • latinopia says

      Latinopia has by no means forgotten the valuable, pioneering and inspiring contribution that El Grito and Quinto Sol publications have made to our community.
      A piece on Quinto Sol is in the future. Gracias, Tia Tenopia

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