In the next few months will be posting suggested teacher guide for junior high, high school and college level courses utilizing the Latinopia history and culture posts.  If you are a teacher or instructor, we are open to suggestions. Just email them to Tia Tenopia.


  1. Larry rush says

    This is GREAT! Please send me more information on this. I will include this in my lesson plans. Your site has already inspired me to include Latinopia muralists in my monthly artist study.

    • latinopia says

      Dear Larry, Thanks for your support. As you see we have our first teacher's Guide "The Latino Voice in American Society." You can download the guide and feel free to use and modify it using any of the Latinopia postings. As you use the Latinopia materials in your classroom, be sure to send us an email or leave a comment so we can learn from your experiences and pass them on to other teachers. Thanks, Tia Tenopia

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