100 VIDEOS!! Hola rambunctious Latinopians! Your Tia Tenopia here is delighted to announce that this week Latinopia reaches a milestone, we’re posting our 100th video. Imaginate! My Tio Braulio says that for a web-site that was only officially launched in March we’ve come a long way.  And your Tia must agree. Our videos have feature some of the best musical, writing, acting and performing talent in our Latino communities as well as much archival historical and scholarly written works. And now we have a new portada, a new homepage look. So welcome to the new improve and continuing Latinopia!

This week, as video #99, we post the second installment in the story of the creation of the legendary El Teatro Campesino with “El Teatro Camepsino2.” This video tells the outrageous story of how Daniel Valdez, younger brother to Luis Valdez, joined the group–it was either that or go to jail! The video also looks into the social pressures on the teatro members to produce plays that went beyond the struggle of the farm workers. This is fascinating Latino history and teatro so check it out!

And for our 100th video we have the literary and artistic vision of Maceo Montoya. Your Tia was amazed to learn that this young writer is also an accomplished artist. Not surprising since he is one of those incredibly talented Montoyas (his father is artist Malquías Montoya, his uncle is poet and artist José Montoya and his primo (cousin) is Richard Montoya of the Culture Clash comedy team–all searchable on Latinopia. Well, Maceo doesn’t let the family name down in any way as you will see from this highly original, moving and profund literary piece, “Cielo Rojo” (Red Sky). His reading for Latinopia is accompanied by the artwork that he created and that was inspired by his written work.

Bueno mijos y mijas, keep watching for new improvements on our Latinopia homepage and enjoy this week’s vidoes!

Con mucho cariño, your Tia Tenopia