Hola Mis Queridos! This week your Tia Tenopia brings you videos in Latino theater and Latino history. In Teatro we have an original production out of Laredo, Texas. Playwright Roberto Gutíerrez has written a probing play about life and death, good and evil, and moral conscience. Check out “Las Mascara del Chivo” (The Mask of the Kid). As most of you know (and as I constantly hear from my Tio Braulio), many of the gains and benefits we experience as Latinos in the United States today, are the result of the hard-fought battles for our civil rights waged in the 1960s and 1970s. In 2009, activists who were a part of what is known as el movimiento, (including my Tio Braulio), reunited in Dallas, Texas to celebrate 40 years of struggle and social advancement. Our Latinopia cameras were there to document the event. Today we post the first of our reports on the 2009 Activists Reunion.

Y hablando de…With laws recently passed in Tucson, Arizona that ban our children from reading classics of Latino Literature like Bless me Ultima, we need to be on guard and defend the advances we’ve made over the past few decades. There’s always some menso out there who will try to take away our rights if we let them! Ojo, por favor!

And your Tia hopes you profes out there have had a chance to check out the Latinopia Teacher’s Guide The Latino Voice in American Society. What’d you think? Give us feedback and if you are using Latinopia to augment your teaching, let us know what your doing.

Bueno, your Tia has to run off and confer with our Latinopia webmasters. We are planning new improvements to our site and homepage in the next few weeks! Watch for the new Latinopia look!

Abrazos, Tia Tenopia