Mijos and mijas! Oh what exciting footage we have for you to see this week! In 1969 your Tia Tenopia  was just a gleam in her parents eyes, but my Uncle Braulio tells me that one of the most important events of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement took place this month 42 years ago.  I’m talking about the National Chicano Youth Conference held at the Crusade for Justice in Denver, Colorado from March 27 through the 31st.  This week we are posting footage from this historic event produced and directed by veteran filmmaker and television director Jesús Treviño, hay he was just a little chavalito in those days!

His cameraman, also wet behind the ears,  was Martín Quiroz and the soundman was young Bobby Romero. These three buscaruidos filmed this historic  meeting convened by civil rights activist Rodolfo “Corky ” Gonzales.  More than 1500 Mexican American and Puerto Rican youths came from throughout the United States. My uncle Braulio, who attended, tells me that the group discussed decades of discrimination and injustice in the United States  and came up with the term “Chicano” to use instead of referring to themselves as Mexican Americans–hay, talk about self-definitional, pues!  They discovered that the indigenous ancestors of today’s Mexican Americans were Mexica indios who came from a place called  “Aztlán,” located to the north and west of what is today Mexico City. Pues,  el Southwest, que no? They decided that from now on, they would refer to the  American Southwest as “Aztlán,” the ancestral home of their ancient ancestors. No more “go back to Mexico where you came from” for them–Chicanos have always been here in the United States!   So check out this exciting footage in Latinopia Event 1969 Denver Youth Conference!

Shifting gears and jumping right into the internet and new media present, we also showcase this week the Latino podcast Elusive Minds. One of the founders of this firme venture, Michael Centeno, tells us about the how and why of podcasting to Latinos. Your Tia is so proud of what these young vatos are doing for our community! Check it out!

And of course, Dan Guerrero returns with another insider’s look at what’s going on in the world of Latino arts and entertainment with his weekly blog, Out And About with Dan Guerrero.

Great fun, Latinopians….ENJOY!

OOXX  Tia Tenopia