Hay mis queridos hijos,hijas, buscaruidos, tormentosos, activistas, estudiantes, profesores, intelectuales, vagos, etc. etc. Your Tia Tenopia here ushering in another week of new Latinopia videos and noticias. First off, be sure to check in with Dan Guerrero’s blog about the América Tropical mural. Your Tia posted a clip from Jesús Treviño’s classic documentary, América Tropical (look under the art page on Latinopia) in anticipation of the unveiling of a new viewing platform for the mural this summer. Dan gives us the latest scoop on what’s up with the mural that time could not destroy. Ojos! Ojos!

We continue in our journey with the librotraficantes as they leave El Paso, Texas and reach Mesilla, New Mexico. They had a close call on the way, check out the Librotraficantes 3 video which has some real deep observations by celebrated Chicano author Dagoberto Gilb (winner of the PEN Hemingway award) who went along the librotraficante ride.

Also this week, we visit with one of the legendary artists of the early days of the Chicano movement–Sergio Hernández. My Tio Braulio, to whom I refer all matters pertaining to the civil rights movimiento of the sixties, tells me that Sergio was a member of a collective of multi-talented writers and artists that included Gilbert “Magu” Lujan, Arturo “Tudi” Flores, Adaberta “Berta” Flores, Antonio “Tony”Gomez, John “Figgy’ Figueroa , Oscar “Pinguino” Castillo and many others. Later this year we’ll be posting a report on the work of this incredible group of creators. But for now, check out the profile piece on Serg Hernández. My Tio Braulio affectionately calls him, “Un vato de atolle,” (your Tia’s not quite sure what that means, but it sure sounds firme!).

Okay púes, get on with your viewing for the week and spread the word about Latinopia!

Abrazos, Tia Tenopia