Hola! Your Tia Tenopia here welcoming you to new videos on Latinopia. This week we visit again with “Cunao”and hear another original composition by talented Julio Montero. Check out the imagery in this metaphoric canción, “La Oveja Negra.” In history, we return to the 2009 Reunion of Chicano Movement activists in Dallas, Texas. We learn about how the Chicano Movement of the 1970s not only helped bring about positive changes for all Latinos in the U.S. but also had a profound influence on the lives of the activists themselves.

This week, due, as they say, to technical difficulties we don’t have a new Arni and Porfi cartoon strip but we should have a new one up later in the week. Watch for it! Sara Inés Calderon is on assignment but will return next week. We’re posting a previous article that has much relevance today. Check out Sara’s take on technology.  And we do have a new blog from Lazaro De La Tierra and his Zombie Mex Diaries.


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